3 Uncommon Ways to Save on Airfare

Leah Artman

April 18, 2019

Let me start off by saying I am far from a travel guru; most people would call me a homebody, but I do love a good getaway! The only problem with that is I am a total cheapskate. I will search and search and search for the cheapest price on anything and still try to get it cheaper — I’ve spent a nauseating amount of time researching good deals, which is why I have an Instagram dedicated solely to the purpose of sharing the deals I find. Time not wasted!

Although I don’t travel much, in the last 5 years I’ve flown to Arizona (twice), South Carolina, Georgia, and will be flying down to Florida in May. Through the process of booking these flights, I’ve learned a lot about how to cut costs, like flying through airlines like Frontier or Spirit, limiting yourself to a personal item so you don’t have to pay for baggage, flying on Tuesdays or Thursdays, tracking flight prices using Google Flights, maintaining flexibility with travel dates, etc. But everyone knows those tricks — they’re not uncommon knowledge.


I applied everything I already knew when I was searching for my flight to Florida, but the price still wasn’t up to my [ridiculously cheap] standards. So I did some digging, and what I found out honestly surprised me, and I’m here to share it with you in hopes that I can help you save a buck or two on your next flight, too!


Book at odd hours

I was on airline prices like a hawk, and I started noticing a trend — for whatever reason, flights got cheaper late at night and into the morning. There would be one price before I went to bed, another price $10-$15 cheaper when I woke up at 6:30 am, and then it would be back up to the initial price by noon. Maybe it was just the specific airline I was using, but with prices fluctuating as much as they do, this trend is definitely worth noting.


Incognito web browsing

This one’s a biggie.

When you search for tickets, use an incognito web browser. These sites are tracking every search you make, and you know what they do when they see a lot of searches for a particular travel period? You guessed it — they bump up the prices! This totally makes sense. When demand is up, the price goes up! So the only way to stop that is to hide that information from them, and using a private or incognito window does the trick.



Honey is a downloadable extension on your web browser that applies all the coupons and promo or discount codes it can find in an effort to get you the best deal. It. is. awesome! I’m normally wary of browser extensions, but decided to give this one a shot, and it has saved me so much money. I tried it out on my flight to Florida, not expecting much of a result, but what do you know? That thing saved me $20! The great part about Honey is you can use it on anything. Definitely check it out!


Although these tips likely won’t save you hundreds of dollars, my guess is that they saved me at least $75 total in the end. Who wouldn’t want an extra $75 in their back pocket?


So what are you waiting for? Go try it for yourself!

Leah Artman of NEOhio Frugal Living

Leah Artman

Leah Artman

Leah is a wife, mom, and frugal-living enthusiast residing in Brunswick, OH with her husband and two little girls. She vigorously scopes out sales and deals, especially in the Cleveland area, and shares money-saving tips with her Instagram followers and fellow Cleveland moms on Facebook. When she isn’t searching for new ways to save money, Leah enjoys plunking out a few notes on her piano, playing blocks endlessly with her toddler, and attempting to make her fixer-upper of a house look, at the very least, presentable without burning a hole in her wallet. Give her a follow on Instagram or, if you’re a Cleveland mom, request to be a part of her group on Facebook! 

How do you save money on airfare for your family? Let us know in the comments below!

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