About Family Money Adventure

Hi, We are Kevin and Barb Payne. Over the past 17 years of marriage, we’ve learned (the hard way most likely!) how to manage our family’s money better. This has allowed us to stress less and enjoy life more.

Family Money Adventure was created so we could share those lessons with you. Our hope is to help families learn and grow. We want to help you to achieve the family and financial life that’s only existed in your dreams.

Our journey to becoming financially fit has taught us many difficult lessons. Through it all, we’ve been able to create a life that allows us more time (and money) to fill our lives with the things we love: family, faith, fun, experiences, and travel.

We have 4 amazing (most of the time) kids and one slightly evil cat. 

We invite you into our family and hope this can be a great starting point to more family, money, and adventure!