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2020 is the year you and I are going to make changes to improve our financial health. We’re going to take steps towards financial freedom. Are you with me? It’s a tall task, but it will be worth the time and effort. Our families will benefit from us learning how to control our finances rather than the other way around.

To get a jump start on learning, there’s an excellent event coming up in May that you should attend. It’s called the Financial Freedom Summit. It’s taking place in St. Louis, Missouri May 1st-3rd. It’s the brainchild of Grant Sabatier, from and author of Financial Freedom.  I’ve worked with Grant and he’s one of the smartest young financial minds in the world. 

The Financial Freedom Summit is three days of learning, networking, and action plans to get you on the track to financial freedom, whatever that means to you. Whether your goal is to increase your income, retire early, or learn more about budgeting and investing, the Financial Freedom Summit is a catalyst for change. 

You’ll learn from experts about how to achieve financial freedom

For me, financial freedom equals options

Achieving financial freedom is freedom to choose what’s next for my family and me. This past November I was able to quit my job and start full-time freelance writing. I would never have been able to do something like that without learning some financial principles like those that will be presented at this great event. Topics at the Financial Freedom Summit include:

  • Budgeting
  • Financial Independence
  • Real Estate
  • Debt
  • Families & Finance
  • Digital Nomadism
  • Geoarbitrage
  • Frugality
  • Side Hustles

Attend The Financial Freedom Summit With Me

Here’s the deal. I hate promoting anything that I don’t believe in. I believe in the power of big conferences. Attending FinCon was huge in me being able to go full-time with freelance writing. The fact that you get out of town, away from all the distractions of life, to concentrate on growing and learning is a game-changer. 

I’ve already bought my ticket to the Financial Freedom Summit. I’ll be there the entire time and would love for you to join me. Right now you can purchase an early bird ticket for $247. Use the code “FREEDOM” to get 20% off the cost 


Your Financial Freedom Summit Pass includes:

  • All Speaker Sessions and Keynotes
  • Financial Freedom Summit Workbook
  • Welcome Package and Swag
  • Closing Party and Networking Events

BONUS: 7 Steps To Financial Freedom Webinar

If you want to learn some basics about achieving financial freedom, join Grant Sabatier on Tuesday, January 21st at 8 PM (ET). It’s a free webinar where Grant shares practical tips to take your finances to the next level. He’ll also have a time to ask questions about money, financial independence, his book, the Summit, and anything else. 

Plus, if you can’t watch it live, you’ll be able to view the webinar with the link provided when you sign up. 


I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about Financial Freedom Summit. You may not be familiar with the speakers at the event, but I know many of them personally and I can tell you that they know what they are talking about. This isn’t some event where everyone is trying to sell you some course or product. It’s a change to change the direction of your financial life and create positive momentum for you and your family. 

No matter where you stand financially, you’ll be able to gain valuable knowledge, meet new people, and find accountability at the Financial Freedom Summit. Invest in yourself and your family by attending this amazing event with me. 


What does financial freedom mean to you? Let us know in the comments below.


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Attend The Financial Freedom Summit